How to Become a Nurse or Midwife in Ireland?

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How to Become a Nurse or Midwife in Ireland? 

Career Path

  • Apply for a degree in nursing through the Central Applications Office (CAO). In order to apply to a nursing programme, you need to have completed secondary education or equivalent. This is due to the fact that many nursing programmes are bachelor’s degrees.
    • Leaving Cert applicants will need at least a C3 in two Honours level papers in the Leaving Cert, and a minimum of a D3 in four papers. Maths, English or Irish, and a science subject are prerequisites.
    • FETAC(Level 5) students who have completed relevant modules with distinctions in 5 modules, can also apply to an undergraduate level nursing school.
    • Mature students applying through the CAO must also take an exam for the PAS or Public Appointment Service.
  • All nursing degree programs are about four years long. There are also ‘specialist’ programs in the form of postgraduate degrees.

  • Following a successful completion of a nursing or midwifery graduate programme, graduates can apply to place their name on the Register of Nursing and Midwives which is maintained by the NMBI. All nurses and midwives who practise in Ireland must be registered.

  • There are over 40 schools in Ireland that offer nursing as a degree.

  • If you think you might want to become a nurse, why not take this assessment questionnaire created by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland to find out if this career path might be for you. 

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